Gentle Passages, Inc.
Enriching life phases with compassionate and dignified support.

Welcome to Gentle Passages, Inc.

Living with passion…dying with grace…supporting life phases with compassion and dignity

Gentle Passages, Inc. is about living passionately and authentically. It is about building relationship with self, family and within the community. Throughout life, we enter phases that call on us to review our past and update our outlook. Ultimately, we confront our mortality in one of our most significant life phases. All individuals meet their mortality in their own unique way. Gentle Passages, Inc. is about supporting the end of life with compassion and dignity while continuing to recognize one’s authenticity and living with daily passion. This authenticity encompasses people of all ages and those with and without special needs.

Life phases can include diverse transitional experiences such as a birth, moving, an injury, a diagnosis, continuing education, starting a new business, empty nest experience, job transition, marriage, and divorce and/or reaching a life phase via age.

Gentle Passages, Inc. can assist, comfort and advise:

  • healthy individuals who wish to sustain their sense of well-being and need support to live with passion.
  • those recovering from an accident, injury, or illness.
  • pre- and post-surgical needs.
  • those challenged with aging.
  • individuals with emotional, intellectual, and physical disabilities.
  • disenfranchised youth.
  • those struggling with and/or anticipating transitions in life.
  • businesses offering end of life planning as a “perk” to their employees. Having a roundtable discussion and fulfilling personal, emotional, and spiritual wishes are gifts employers can offer their valued employees, and employees in turn can give to their families.

Current Events

Public Talk: Phoenixville Public Library on February 25, 2016. Come learn about and support the home funeral movement. 07:00-08:00pm. Registration required: Register Here

No cost to recipients

Transition Choir: this humble group brings singing to the homebound/bedbound. For example: We have sung for those who are dying and those who were interactive along with their families. We have sung for an individual who has no known family. We visit and sing at the SE Veterans Center in Spring City, PA. We are not a performing group...Join or call for us: 610.933.2451. 

  • Rehearsals continue: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month. 

v Next “Death Café”: tba----call with your idea or suggestion for a place! I will come to you and your group.

For Fee:
vSpacial Dynamic inspired classes or individual customized support.

vBodycare by appointment: Body Streaming, Reiki, Raindrop

Winter Special
Refer a friend for body care and receive 15% off your next appointment after they enjoy their session.

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